Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Help, My Kid is a Brat!

You guys, I am at a complete loss. Henry has always been a super strong-willed child and although it drives me crazy sometimes, I have always loved that part of his personality. These days that fiery personality of his seems to be taking over the entire house. All hail King Henry! Up until now, the occasional timeouts, "take a deep breath"-s, and taking away toys/movies/iPad/whateveryounameit have been an effective form of discipline (but I admit we weren't on top of it as much as we could have been). Lately? Not so much. BOOOOO!

When we tell Henry he has to go to time out, he smiles and says, "Okay!" and then walks himself right on over like NBD mom. When we give him the choice to either follow directions or go to timeout, what do you think he chooses? Timeout. Duh. It's like every technique we've used in the past is quickly loosing its value. And to make it all even more tricky, his behavior is just as rapidly getting more out of control.

Henry is a totally sweet boy, such a lover. He definitely goes through phases of good and bad like all toddlers. I'm just worried that while he's busy testing us, we're missing the chance to teach him an important lesson that will help him learn how to control his temper and act out of love and kindness.

We're so not okay with spanking and we can't afford to hire a super nanny so I'm turning the question over to you, my readers. I know Henry's behavior is common for this age and I'm curious about how other moms are handling it all. What positive discipline techniques work for you and your child? What books, websites, video series, etc. would you suggest? What do you do when timeout stops working? In other words: OMG HELP ME! 


Anonymous said...

If I tell you that Christian was the EXACT same way will that help? Because she was and she got through it okay. And I kept my sanity. It got to a point where my pediatrician told me to put hot sauce in her mouth when she was sassy. heard me. The pediatrician told me that my kid had a smart mouth. I was concerned about the safety of hot sauce. He reminded me that it was a condiment on every table in the south and that he wasn't talking about habanero devil's spit. Hot pepper vinegar mixed with Tabasco in my own special shaker worked wonders...for everything. Sass, tantrums, hitting, everything 2-3 year olds do. Just a thought, but I will say that my child has a severe aversion to spicy foods now! -Tracy

Morgan said...

I am having troubles with my daughter acting out. We have a 4 day old baby and have been so frustrated with our daughters behaviour. I imagine that you are emotionally spent with the sad news of your loss and he could be acting out like my daughter (seeking more mum and dad). We have started just showering her with love and concentrating on giving her the attention she desires and both our patience and her behaviour have improved. Maybe go get some ice cream together to all reconnect??

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