Sunday, August 12, 2012

SK8 or Die

Yesterday we went to a garage sale down the street and the lady just gave Henry this skate board! He was all excited to try it as soon as we got home, but he got frustrated when he realized he couldn't balance. I think he just assumed it would be super easy because all the other skaters can stand on their board like no big whoop. Just like me, Henry has absolutely no patience for something he can't get right the first we put the board away until Garrison came home. And then it was skate or DIE in the parking lot across the street. Dad is waaaay cooler than mom. 


rachel said...

This? Awesome.

WeeMasonMan's Mom said...

That is so totally cool!! He looks like he was having the best time ever - puddles, Dad, and a skateboard, what more do you need??

Unknown said...

aww! i can't wait to teach my baby girl how to skate!

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