Thursday, January 12, 2012

Visiting Favorites and a "Stolen" Package


This is Garrison in front of our old house before the lamest garage sale of the century. Seriously, we sold maybe four things before putting an EVERYTHING FREE! sign in the front yard. Even then nobody wanted our stuff. Who doesn't want free crap? Dumb people, that's who. I still find excuses to drive by this house, even though we've been out of there for almost a year. The sweet memories of 3 am nursings and new baby smells flood my mind and it hurts my stomach. It's funny actually, I dreaded those night feedings when they were actually happening but looking back on it I'm all mush. I guess time erases the, "I've played Bejeweled on this phone for an hour now, my eyes hurt....Oh wow. Did I just fall asleep sitting up?...I know there are 43 slats on these blinds but I'm gonna count them again..." and replaces it with a whole lot of "Awwwwww <3".

Anyway, the point of this post is that today I got to go back to that house! My aunt sent our Christmas present there by mistake and called yesterday to tell us that somebody else was probably enjoying our gift. Last night I was all ready for a confrontation. I had a whole sad guy speech planned out, "We don't have very much money and no family here and we were really looking forward to opening that gift. I won't even judge you if you've already opened it. If it's food or candy, that's okay! Just give us what's left. I just want my son to have a Christmas...." and then I'd pinch Henry or something and he'd start crying and the people would feel so bad that they'd hand over our package (kidding trolls! like i'd pinch my kid). I was getting really mad about it, prematurely frustrated that someone would have the guts to open our present.

But sometimes, people will surprise you. This morning our package was sitting on their kitchen table, ready to be returned to the post office tomorrow. No need for a speech. No need to threaten a stolen package police report (jk). No need to pinch a baby. Just a nice guy and a friendly exchange. My faith in humanity is restored!




Thanks for such wonderful gifts Gwen, we love them!
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