Monday, November 22, 2010


Henry is ten months. Henry is still breastfeeding 5-6 times a day. I told myself we'd go until he was a year and it's really hard for me to believe that time is almost here. I've considered breastfeeding him past a year but honestly I feel like I'm hardly making any milk these days and when Henry does eat it's like the biggest freaking struggle just to get him to pay attention. Also, I'm honestly feeling kind of done with the whole thing too, please no comments about how breast is best because I KNOW.

I'm not sure how the whole "weaning process" works but I think he's starting to slowly wean himself. He really only wants to nurse when he's tired because hello! my boobs are like the ultimate pacifier for him. I told my sister that they should make a silicone paci for babies that's a personal mold of your boob. Then the babies who won't take plastic pacis won't have to be attached to their moms 24/7. My sister said that she wouldn't really want her baby sucking on a big plastic mold of her boob in front of strangers and hmmm. that's a pretty good point, I guess.

Anyway, two months ago I bought a can of formula for the first time. Not to replace breastfeeding altogether but to give me some space and time away from Hen whenever I needed it. He hates the way it tastes and refuses to drink it but it's still awesome knowing that at anytime I could leave him with his dad and run away forever for a few hours. I figure if he's hungry enough, he'll drink it. Recently we gave him some soy formula and for some reason he kind of likes that kind. I'll make him a few ounces if we're running late for work in the morning and he didn't get to breastfeed. I'll make him a bottle to distract him while we're jogging. I'll give him some with a side of YoGabbaGabba and enjoy a few minutes of peace.

I know pumping for his bottles would be best but omg SO MUCH WORK! I can't believe that for the first 5 months I would nurse him and then pump for an additional 15 minutes. Every time. Did I used to have like an abundance of time and patience and if so, where the heck did it all go? I had our freezer stocked full of milk (Garrison = disgusted) but we didn't even go through half of it because when Henry was teeny tiny I couldn't even think about leaving him with someone we didn't know for any amount of time. All that expired milk is still in our freezer too because I worked freaking hard for that supply and I can't bare the thought of just throwing it all in the trash.

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Mandy@ a sorta fairytale said...

I'm dealing with the same thing right now. Bennett will be 10 months in a couple of days and he really doesn't want anything to do with nursing except tat night and in the morning. I still manage to squeeze a coupe of feedings in during the day but it is a STRUGGLE. He is just way too distracted. I have mixed feelings about weaning him right now. He's barely getting any milk from me anymore so I feel like it won't be that hard to wean him. But at the same time, my doctor said that if I can, any breastmilk I can give to him through the winter is good. I dunno.... I think I'll kinda miss it too. Ah!
Anyway... let me know what you decide to do!! Best of luck!

Amy Nielson said...

i've read that frozen milk is good up to a year. might wanna check that, but maybe it's not all bad? dunno.

my goal for nursing was at least six months. now that we've hit seven months i like the feeling of knowing i'd be ok with stopping at any point, & now we're just going from day to day. weird to think that i will somewhat miss it when we're done, but be SO glad, at the same time :)

way to make it 10 months mama!

Heidi said...

Allie, I love you, you are the best mom. It's OK to be ready to move on. Breastfeeding was a nightmare for all three of my girls, which was an issue that made me feel horrible about myself as a mother. But alas, how relieved was I when they took to the formula and never looked back. This is something that you can let yourself off the hook for. Trust me, sweet Allie.

Eva said...

whatever works best for you and baby is best best for you and baby!

Jess Craig said...

dude - i felt the exact same way as you. i was over it. and i was pretty much over it at 10 months too. but the only reason i was still doing it was because i couldn't stand listening to wyatt whine and cry... but he eventually got to the point where i was only doing it at night. maybe you could stop nursing during the day as much? i don't know. wyatt kinda just weaned himself, and i gave him the final push by simply stopping the night time nursings. and then viola! it was over. but don't feel about about not nursing him till he's 5. in my opinion, there is literally ZERO reason to nurse past a year. my doc said they're only doing it for comfort after that and they're pretty much getting zero nutritional value from it. it's practically trickling out by then anyway. it's like getting light tiny drops. anyway, do what you gotta do.

rachel said...

Hi Allie! I'm still breastfeeding Charlie too...usually at 4am (ugh) and then again about 8 or 9 am and then when he goes to bed at night. Sometimes one other time during the day, but sometimes I give him a bottle of formula instead. I plan on continuing until his first birthday. Kudos to you for pumping. I only pumped with Grace and I HATED it, so my others have gotten just formula when I'm not available. Love your photo. I took one like this a week or so ago, maybe I'll post it...

Erin Alaska said...

ahh girl, I hear ya! Logan is almost two and he still breastfeeds. I don't give him a bottle or even pump anymore but he is a little addict. My goal is to stop over Christmas break. I have tried wheening before, but it is so exhausting.
good luck lady,

LISA said...

i know how you feel... Sebastian was the same... addicted to the boob. his doctor actually referred to me as the 'human pacifier'. around 7 months i could tell my milk was decreasing and so i asked "breast is best... but what if it's just not enough anymore?" i really believe seba was only using it for comfort... he was always still hungry afterward... and i didn't want him losing weight cause he's always been on the skinny side. i think every mother and child duo know when the time is near... and they transition together.
now seba will eat and drink ANYTHING... he's a skinny piglet!
yikes... that really sucks about the expired milk!!
ps. breastfeeding (for me) aside from being WAAAAAAAY cheaper, was also much easier and convenient... no carrying bottles, formula, hot water etc around with you. we are going on vacation on wednesday... how i wish i was still breastfeeding for this reason alone!! travel & breastfeeding = so much lighter/simpler than travel & formula =(
ok. i blabbed. sorry!

Lesley said...

have you seen grown ups? because this totally made me think of that movie. if you've seen it... you'll know why. :)

Shawntae @ alittlekingandi said...

Kudos for you for doing it this long! Seriously. I am a mom that wished I could of breastfeed for the bond and because formula is soo damn expensive!! Seriously it is. It's a pain in the booty to go and buy it every damn week. SO i say push it till he is one at least or just do it in the night time. I am jealous though. Next baby i am going to breastfeed. I swear!!

But whatever decision you make will be the best. I love this picture of you guys It's soo precious You are beautiful!

deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

i think you should be commended for breastfeeding so long! so many women give up after a few weeks, and many don't even breastfeed to begin with. so good for you!

jill said...

oh allie my friend. i love that you put these feelings of yours out there. you are ah-mazing for breastfeeding henry for ten months and i TOTALLY understand how it can make you feel like you can never get a break! believe me. and i also know that when you and henry are over it, you're over it. whether its ten months or two years. dont put too much pressure on yourself about it. if gradually switching him to formula is what you wanna do, then do it! youre the mommy. you know whats best! and know that henry will be perfect and healthy either way.

christina said...

so my only "plan" when i was pg was to BF- well, and take care of my baby, of course. i was so crushed when i found out that she wasn't getting enough from me and that i was nearly starving her (a week old). i felt like a freaking monster! i continued to BF, then pumped, while DH gave her formula. did this for a month and a half and just before coming back to work stopped everything and went to formula only... i actually regret not doing it sooner!! color me crazy but i've been able to enjoy my baby so much more since letting go of all that BF guilt! we actually were able to play and sing and read. and there's no way in hell i could see myself pumping in a locked room at work. no thanks. the best part? lovie is still amazingly awesome and perfect- despite no BM for the past 10 months. whatever you do, KNOW that you're an amazing momma. end of story.

Kristin said...

You've done a phenomenal job keeping it up for 10 months!! Yay! He has benefited greatly from that. :) If it's done, it's done.

Lil Muse Lily said...

so funny! what a coincidence, i just wrote about Lily weaning herself off naturally on my blog today.
sounds like he will just wean himself off too.
don't bother with the formula, he doesn't need it.
i'm no doc but i think you can just give him milk.
lily never took to formula or a bottle either.

Unknown said...

isn;t it so weird... I have expired milk froze in my fridge that sickens me to throw away... I counted those ounces so carefully... no joke breast feeding is stressful!

kriznizzel said...

I am doing this with Harper kind of , He is also on soy and I just had to mix it with breast milk until he took it now he seems to like it I think i'll cut one feed with it for 3 weeks then another so on, I would not mind keeping one late feed but then you think is it even worth it I want my body back but will still miss it. Just do what every feels right for you.

Anonymous said...

I think you've done a great job nuring until 10 months, as they get nearer the end of the first year the antibodies change and some types increase, to battle the new germs mobile infants are exposed to; plus of course with the cancer fighting cells, hormones etc so even a few feeds a day are still massively valuable.

For what it's worth if your baby has a good balanced diet, there is really no need for formula after 12months, and even before that as long as he is still feeding you can give doorstep milk when he's left (minimise risks of aluminium or other contaminant exposure including PCB's)

It's also really normal to feel like you're not making much milk, because breasts become so adapt at producing the amount your baby needs, they can seem to go back to normal.

Cutting down slowly is absolutely the best way as this causes "involution" whereby milk becomes more colostrum like and packed full of antibodies ready for cessation. Obviously ideally the closer this is to the natural age of weaning and the immune systen fully developing the better, but I appreciate this often doesn't fit with the expectations or "social expectations" for many mums.

Anonymous said...

QUOTE in my opinion, there is literally ZERO reason to nurse past a year. my doc said they're only doing it for comfort after that and they're pretty much getting zero nutritional value from it.

This is absolutely not true:

Christian Alberto Ledesma said...

I totally just told my wife that we should start a company that makes a plastic/rubber mold of mommy's boob for baby.

Our Nugget won't take a pacifier or bottle but he loves the boob. I think there's money in this idea.

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