Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bunz, Meet Baby.

One of the first things I thought when I found out I was pregnant was, "Oh crap. How will Bunz handle having a baby around? Is that pair even possible?"

Bunz Olsen isn't the cuddliest, friendliest cat. She never has been. Even as a little kitten she would bully the others around and do her own thing. She corners our guests and has been known to draw some pretty serious blood. Sounds like a good family pet, right?

During my pregnancy I read tons of articles on preparing your cat for the arrival of a baby. They all suggested things like carrying around a baby doll and treating it like it was real. Or sitting your cat down and having a one on one, describing to him what was about to happen.

Riiiight. Okay, that doesn't sound completely freakin nuts.

So instead of reading a, "You're a Big Sister!" book and sharing the ultrasound pics with her we focused our energy on decorating the baby room while she curiously peeked in through a crack in the door. Focused on allowing her last snuggles in our bed and endless amounts of attention. I guess we kind of hoped she'd just figure it out on her own.

And you know what? She has!

Turns out ol' Bunz Olsen is kind of a softie when it comes to babies.

(But don't tell her I told you that).


Carrie said...

those photographs are awesome. I love the contrasting expressions in their eyes.

Megan said...

Ah thats precious. Especially when we visited the cat wouldn't even let us get near without it pouncing on us..or attacking our feet out of no where. Guess we wern't cute enough. :P Love you!

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