Friday, August 14, 2009

Waiting (not so) Patiently.

In just a couple hours, we (hopefully) get to find out if we are having a boy or a girl. This is one of the most exciting days I have had in a long time and the fact that this only happens once within a pregnancy makes it so special and fun. Of course along with the good stuff always comes the scary side of things...I'm so nervous because the baby's organs are so developed now that if something is wrong, they will be able to tell by this ultrasound. Talk about nerve wrecking! I hardly slept last night, I feel like I drank a half gallon of milk and then swallowed a bunch of stomach is so upset.

This will be the first time G has seen baby on the ultrasound, I know it's going to blow his mind. There really is no way to prepare yourself for seeing something like that. It's strange, you can imagine over and over what it will be like and think that you've prepared yourself for every possible feeling imaginable and then you see the baby moving and you realize that there was no way you could have prepared yourself for that, because the feeling you get is one that you've never felt before. It's a completely new emotion that you never realized you had until that moment.

I can't believe that we have already reached this point in the pregnancy, I wish things would just slow down!

For the record, although we would both really like a boy I have always felt like we are having a girl.

Wish us luck!


Sarah Genevieve Smith said...

I am really excited for you!! I cant wait till I have a baby. :)

Anonymous said...


I really hope that you enjoy this time in your life!! I wish that you could be in Oak Harbor to!!! Your mom does to! I hope that you can come to Oak Harbor when you have the baby or before!! I love ya


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