Saturday, August 15, 2009

Fried Pickles.

Oh my. Tonight we went to a restaurant called the Distillery with our new and lovely friends from Oregon. It is fun to hang out with people about as homesick for the beautiful Northwest as we are. I have always heard of fried pickles (I think they used to have them at the Beaver in Bellingham), but never tried them. Until tonight. Fried pickles just might be my new favorite thing. Spicy pickle spears covered in some kind of cream cheese (?) and then coated again in a bread batter. Fried to a crisp and served warm with thousand island dressing. Yum. I wish I had never ordered them because now that I know what they taste like, it's going to be real hard not to order them at every place that puts them on the menu.

And this totally isn't just a pregnancy thing. They are seriously just good.
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