Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Another Baby Blog? Great....

For family and friends that care, I'm going to start posting pictures of my stomach (this one's for you Meg!) which is only going to get enormous from here on out. I promise them to at least be interesting/funny/awwww/gross/weird/cute. If you're into any of those things then this will be your kind of site. It's one of the hardest things, not having family and friends around to share this scary and memorable time in our life. I'd rather just hop on my bike, ride to my family's house and say, "See! My stomach's bigger! Feel the baby move!" but unfortunately that would be a super long bike ride. I guess peeking in on us through the internet is better than nothing at all.

Here's the progress so far! Now that the shock is wearing off, this whole experience is way more fun and interesting than I ever imagined it being! It's also going by much faster than I wish it would. I want to enjoy each moment of this, but it's just not possible...time keeps ticking away.

14 weeks

18 Weeks (tomorrow!)

This Friday (August 11th) we get to go to the doctor and find out whether we're having a boy or a girl. Start placing your bets now.

The family I nanny for (SO lucky to have met them!) just gave us a BUNCH of their old baby things. They passed on a crib, swing, jumper, highchair, bedding, breast pumps (hot!), and a walker. Here is a picture of the crib and, of course, one of Cat testing the crib for comfort (or planning on how to best attack/eat the baby?) What would this blog be without her?

Just a month ago I was freaking out because I had lost two jobs. Now that I've been working with this family, I am beginning to really believe that everything works for a reason and that there is some weird path to life that we can't control. I was never meant to have those jobs, I was supposed to be right here all along and I just couldn't see it.
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