Sunday, July 26, 2009


I promise I will write more as soon as I can catch my breath. So busy these days, in a way it's really nice because it keeps my mind off of my belly and gets me excited for having my teaching degree someday. Here are some of the things we've been up to lately. I'll write more on each later. Have a great week everybody!

1. I'm teaching pre-teen bible school (I know. ALLIE?! Teaching BIBLE SCHOOL?! So weird.)
2. We recently went down to Florida to visit with G's mom and I'm realizing that it is only getting harder to say goodbye to family these days.
3. I have my sixteenth week doctor's appointment on Wednesday, in three weeks we will be able to find out the sex of that little thing swimming inside me.
4. Looking into getting Bunz de-clawed so that she doesn't kill the baby (no, seriously. She will.)
5. G is finishing up a huge project at work and has been putting in crazy hours. Like 7:40 am until 6:30 pm hours.
6. He's been riding his bike to work and back everyday. In the 96 degree weather.
7. I'm still not "showing" but feel like I've gained about twenty pounds.
8. Cleaned up our back yard and organized the whole kitchen. Now it looks awesome out here.
9. Finding bigger and bigger bugs. In our house.

Bunz was laying like this the other day, when I came into our bedroom and turned on the light. Such a strange cat.

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Doni said...

I love weirdo cats!

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