Thursday, July 9, 2009


I really haven't posted much of anything lately, mostly because I have been so busy with work (yay!) and so tired with baby. Who knew being pregnant made you sooooo incredibly tired? Everything I do feels like a dream and my energy level is so low that it's hard for me to stay up past ten at night! I can slowly feel myself gaining more energy as I get further along, but I still feel as though I could easily sleep a whole day away.

I've been working at a preschool, teaching a class of six, five boys and one girl. It's been a lot of fun and a great learning experience. The energy five boys can create is amazing and sometimes overwhelming. It's definitely been a great lesson in patience. One of my students is obsessed with hurling objects at his classmates...anything he can get his hands on: forks, toys, chairs, tables. The amount of crying and "NO!"s I hear in one day is extraordinary and has inspired me to read more about classroom management and discipline.

On Monday I start a new nanny job, three days a week. I will still be working at the daycare on the other two days but will be in the one and two year old room because physically and stress-wise it will be better for me. I am constantly guarding my stomach from the punches and kicks from my three year olds and will very soon not be able to keep them away with just a hand held to my belly.

Speaking of bellies, I have been noticing lately that I am beginning to show. Before these last few weeks, I could make my stomach pretty flat by holding it in. Now, when I suck in there is a slight bump that just doesn't disappear...amazing! I am thirteen weeks along and the baby is about three inches.

We had a fun time with my mom and little sister Karli last week. We visited the beach a lot, checked out the historical sites, and even made it down to Florida for a really fun Fourth of July. It was harder than ever to say goodbye to them at the airport because I really need them here right now. Having my mom around created so much peace within me. I almost got panicky as I watched them head into the airport, because I really realized for the first time that I have to do this all alone. I have to have a baby without my mom or family around me for support and comfort. This isn't the way it was supposed to be!

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Kelly said...

What an awesome thing to experience for me...watching my first grandchild dance around in my little girl's belly!!!!

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