Sunday, March 6, 2011

30 Pictures

Danielle from Sometimes Sweet did this 30 pictures post last week and I loved it so much I decided to come up with some of our own. I think it's always fun learning more about the person behind a blog you've been reading and it was a lot of fun looking through photos from my past.

1. Someone you spend a lot of time with:


2. A picture of you:

3. A random photo of you and your significant other:

4. An old picture of you:

5. A picture of something that makes you happy:

a sleepy henry

6. A picture of your siblings:

soooo many!

7. A picture of a person you miss:

rip stacie

8. A picture you've never posted on your blog before:

9. A picture of people who knew you then and know you now:

my wonderful family

10. A picture of your favorite place:

i'm homesick.

11. A person you can tell anything to:

my mom

12. A picture of your everyday life:

working: dogs eat the dirty diapers, i clean it all up, repeat.

13. A picture from a place you love:

our chicago apartment

14. A picture that reminds you of good times:

college (2006)
15. A class photo:

third grade? (i'm on the top left)

16. A picture of the best day of your life:


17. A picture that always makes you laugh:

18. A picture of your spare time:

19. A photo from a great night:
garrison's band played at a bar in a baaaad chicago neighborhood. scary AND fun!

20. A picture of the people who are closest to you:

my boys

21. A picture of someone you always have a good time with:


22. A picture of your parents when they were (around) your age:

my dad and baby me. i couldn't find one of my mom :(

23. A picture from last summer:

24. A picture of your closest friend of the opposite sex (not your significant other):


25. A picture of your favorite vacation:

driving/camping across the US (moving from WA to chicago)

26. A picture of an accomplishment:

breastfeeding hen for a year and first successful car-diaper change

27. A picture of your closest friend:

my melissa (henry godmother)

28. A random picture from Photobooth:

my amy (i miss youuu!)

29. A photo that makes you smile:

30. Someone you will never let go of:

Danielle's "30 Pictures" was really awesome, so check it out too!

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With Love, Jamie said...

I LOVE this, soo fun!
And that photo that makes you laugh...kinda made me laugh a little too!;)

lauren ♥ said...

that very last photo is wonderful! <3

this was fun to look through.

Jess Craig said...

yes! i'm glad you did this! i can feel how much you miss home. :(

Elora said...

Aww, what a great post :D

Lots of funny pics, and sweet ones too! <3

Summer said...

Love that you did this. I find this post so interesting.

Adeline's Daddy said...

These are so great. You can tell a story in 30 photos. It's crazy. Thanks for sharing. I think it's settled, I'm going to have to try to get one of these posts done now. : )

Mariel Torres said...

i LOVE the picture of you and your siblings... so fun! and that last picture of henry? PERFECT

Heidi said...

Seriously wish I could comment on every one of them. So love it.

TinaJO said...

Totally saw a kid in the front row of your class picture and thought it was me for a second! And then noticed you moved from washington, so thought let me look again. But it wasnt.
I love this idea though for a 30 photo challenge! Awesome :)

Delane said...

i love this idea..very awesome..stealing it..

Christina M said...

Love all the photos! such a cute idea =) also the class photo is our kindergarden year!

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