Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Everything's a phone these days.
Hey Henry, your Destin tube is blowin up!

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Stephanie Thigpen said...

Awww! I remember and miss these days SO much! I'm pretty sure that Hallie used my shoe as a phone once... Now she just says, "Mama, phone!" when it starts ringing. Sad. :( We will no longer be Georgians together come January 4th! We're moving to CA. AHH!

rachel said...

Charlie is all about the clickers. But not the "toy" clicker. It has to be one of the real ones. Why is that? Kids are so funny.

Gemma said...

Love it!! So so funny. Long time no 'chat' hope you are doing great in the run up to Christmas.


Heidi said...

"Mr. Telephone Man, there's something wrong with my line, when I dial my baby's number, I get a click everytime..."

Allie, how much do you want for the toile chair? Seriously.

Chelsey - The Paper Mama said...

Ha ha! Ruari hasn't started doing that yet. Cute!

jill said...

besides corbin finding his feet, this is one of my most favorite new baby tricks! its just so...CUTE!!!

Anonymous said...

Aww I love this, your son is so adorable! :)

The Sweetest Life

Jessie C said...

Haha. Aw. Cute!

Alicia said...

Oh my goodness so funny....my little girl is the same way. The other day I caught her holding a pair of her folded socks up to her ear. It's the silliest and cutest thing to see them pretend like that.

Your son's adorable! :)


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