Thursday, October 1, 2009

This thing gets even BIGGER?!

The internet at our house is down, so I'm trying to catch up on everything while the kids I watch are asleep. Everything is going really well, been super busy with work and baby making (not that kind...already did that!) The other day at Target a girl asked me if I was pregnant and I just about flipped out. I seriously could have hugged her right then and there, if it wasn't for the counter separating us. Holy crap this belly is really popping! 25 weeks- in baby months thats about six already! Grow baby, grow!

I really like this picture because it shows how my belly is un-rounding. That's a made up pregnancy term for a lop-sided, almost triangular belly shape. It's not rounded fat anymore. Just a few weeks ago it was just a little bit of pudge and now...Oh my goodness! There's really a baby in there!

By this time, the baby's brain and nerve endings are developed enough for it to be able to feel things and it's arms are already the size they will be at birth! He weighs about one and a half pounds and is thirteen and a half inches long. And this thing gets even bigger? Yikes!

I took my camera into work yesterday and snapped some photos of the ridiculously cute (and wild) children in my class. They really aren't supposed to be climbing in their cubbies like they are but seriously, come on. Would you be able to remove them?

I finally completed the first baby outfit I have officially ever sewed. Unfortunately it wasn't the little green jumper I was hoping to make, I got in waaay over my head with that one. This onezie was pretty easy and a lot of fun to make. One of my new favorite things is Heat N' Bond. I think I'll make a giraffe one next but there are a million possiblities it's so hard to choose.


Carrie said...

1. You are adorable.

2. Your kids are an-f-ing-dorable

3. Your onesies are adorable.

Kelly said...

Cute!Love the belly, love the kids, love the froggie!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah Awesome Allie!! Nice sewing!

Love ya


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