Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Veggie System.

CONGRATULATIONS! Your baby is now as tall as an English hothouse cucumber and weighs about the same as a large head of cauliflower!

Apparently the easiest way to visualize the size/weight of your baby is by really knowing your veggies. Measuring a baby by common, well known objects is a great idea...my doctor even uses the "veggie system". But seriously, could they have chosen any more bizarre vegetables to give parents an idea of their baby's size?

At ten weeks little baby was the size of a kumquat. I've never even seen a kumquat before. At 17 weeks he was the size of a turnip and just a few weeks ago marked the day his weight was equal to the weight of a rutabaga.

Now that I am 27 weeks along, I get to start comparing my baby to vegetables by weight only. No more, "Your baby is as tall as a sesame seed". Congratulations to me because from now on it's, "Your baby weighs as much as a large jicama".

* picture from babycenter.com

1 comment:

Carrie said...

that is excellent.

my mom must've had your same doctor. she was always saying I was as heavy as a sack of potatoes.

maybe your doctor is from the old days.

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