Monday, April 22, 2013

Camping, South Carolina

I don't think I give the south as much credit as it deserves. South Carolina and Georgia are just so pretty and lazy in the best way possible. This time of year before the heat moves in and the nights are cold and still is my absolute favorite. Last weekend we soaked up the beauty of this season around a campfire in South Carolina. Spending time as a family, forgetting our responsibilities, and just being was so rejuvenating. 

We stayed in this old trolley car...Henry was pumped! He cried when we left and asked if we could take the train home with us.

 My apologies to the teenage Henry who may someday read this blog...but OMG. This picture was taken seconds before he pooped all over his shoes. I told him we were camping so he could pee in the woods and he took my advice a step further...

This picture makes me laugh so hard. Henry never wants his picture taken these days but he begged me to take this one. It was dark so I couldn't really see when I took it. Looking at it later, I realized he had posed like this. LOL.

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Jess said...

The trolley camping is amazing. I wonder if they have anything similar up north, our way. My little would love it! It's still a little too cold here to go camping yet. Looks like you guys had a blast.

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