Friday, December 28, 2012

Snow Big Deal (And Hello Instagram!)

If you can get gloves on a toddler in under 20 minutes, then you're cooler than I am.

Yesterday we took Henry to Mt. Rainier. The last time he saw snow he was so tiny, so I wasn't sure how he'd handle the cold. He has witnessed a lot of snow rescues on Go, Diego Go! though so I wasn't too worried. HE LOVED IT. Every five minutes he would stop to face plant in a huge hill, eating the snow and saying, "I'm a baby polar bear and I eat snow!" Halfway up the hill he took off his boots and ran in his socks screaming, "Haaaalp! I'm an amm-a-mul in trouble!" (Thanks Nick Jr.). And he denied being cold until the very last second. Seeing him so excited and not afraid to try everything meant a lot to me because being in super hot Georgia all the time, I worry often that we're raising a weather wimp. But that doesn't seem to be the case! Oh Henry, you're a true Washington boy at heart. 

Oh and hey, I'm on Instagram now. Only about two years behind everyone! Follow us by clicking the link below!

1 comment:

Bees_Circus said...

That glove thing is SO true, I regret it every time!
I'm so jealous of all your snow, looks like you're having a great time!! Xxx

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