Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Playing Catch Up

IMG_2405 IMG_2406


at the farmer's market






baby size bbq plate

end of the day treats

I know, I've been the worst at blogging lately. I have midterms this week and I'm kind of freaking out. I haven't missed a single class and I'm doing well on all of my assignments but tests just get me all nervous. I second guess myself like whoa and my spelling has gotten so bad over the years, wth is up with that? If it weren't for spell check and dictionary.com, you guys would have probably stopped reading this blog by now.

We're all sick up in hurrr. This weekend was fun, but I did it all with a foggy head and achy throat. Now Henry has it, we know because last night he barfed all over our mattress last night. Garrison said, "Well bud, looks like you ate more peas than we gave you credit for!"

This weekend we went to the farmer's market and to the annual Picnic in the Park. Henry ate half a bag of peanut butter M&Ms and went sugarhigh nuts. We went to a charity auction for the Humane Society and looked at dog/cat houses that had been built out of refurbished materials and ate the best BBQ in Savannah for dinner.

Thanks for sticking around guys, I've been a horrible blog friend. Things are bound to slow down soon and then we'll be back in the game. Miss you all!

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