Thursday, December 3, 2009

Go, Go, Go.

My mind is on overload. We have too, too much going on right now and while it is all very exciting I am ready to just be settled so I can begin quieting my thoughts and easing my restlessness. I am ready to be all moved in to our new place and pretty stressed that I haven't been able to tackle any part of Henry's room. We're tripping over boxes of useless crap, organizing a garage sale, and computing from the bathroom floor next to a recovering kitty. Unpacking boxes of clothes and towels and blankets, trying to decide what stays and what goes. Creating new ways to hide our things that we don't use too much in closets and under sofas.... behind the things we do use. We're looking at getting a dog, transferring all of our mail to our new address, and eating horribly because of our busy schedules. And although we don't talk about it too much (we probably should), I can tell that G and I are equally stressed out...which makes spending actual time together much different than before. I'm not too worried though, I know everything will get back to its previous state. Eventually. Maybe we'll get one stress free week together before this baby pops out. Maybe.

This whole nesting things got me list-making like crazy but the things on my to-do list can't be done until the house is finished. Things like painting walls and sewing more Baby H outfits and hanging cool plants from the ceiling and building spice racks and hanging pictures and oh-my-goodness-we-haven't-even-put-up-Christmas-things! These things are all really important to me right now, which is funny because before I think I could have really cared less.

Today my absent mindedness almost killed no-claws-B. I picked her up from surgery yesterday and she was doing pretty alright for just going through what was probably the most confusing and stressful two days of her entire life. Instead of sending me home with pain meds like the vet had mentioned before, they told me that she was doing so well she could just take Advil. Advil? Really? Okay! I was happy that it was much, much cheaper than the meds they were originally
sending her home with. Last night I mashed up the pieces of pill inside some of her favorite treats and she ate them right up.

Since those worked sooo well, I called the vet today to ask when I could give her another. They said, "Wait. You gave her ADVIL?!?! You were supposed to give her ASPIRIN!!!" They told me to monitor her closely and watch for signs of excessive bleeding and/or vomiting. I felt so bad. What had I done! Here she makes it through this painful procedure and I trick her into eating medicine that could actually kill her?

She's at work with me today, locked up in the family's laundry room and seems to be doing just fine. Knock on wood and cross your fingers (but not both you're fingers OR your toes) and pray and oh-shoot, oh-shoot hope that she's going to be okay. It's almost been 24 hours since she ate the pill and like my mom said once before, "That cat could make it through anything with her satanic powers."

I need to start listening better from now on.

We have internet at our house now and we're getting a new (used) futon for the baby room! We had a huge storm last night and lost power for two hours which was a nice excuse to stop packing and sit around candles for a bit.

Oh, am I excited for the weekend....

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Kelly said...

Hey, take a deep breath and remember that all of your crap isn't going will still be there tomorrow.

And Allie, you could give that cat strychnine and it would live!Actually, you would have to lock the poison up if you had it because she would want to eat it all!

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