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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Birthday #26

gwenbirthday 006

We said goodbye to my aunt yesterday, it was hard for me to see her go. It was a complete whirlwind of a week but we had a lot of fun and did so much. Henry's schedule is shot and I'm still in that post-guest funk where you feel like you have to catch up on the million things you let go. But we have very few friends here and no family so an excuse to stray from the norm felt really good. These pictures are from my birthday, which was a super awesome day (duh).

gwenbirthday 009
flirting with great aunt gwen

gwenbirthday 001
we got chocolate here for my birthday. one time i paid $6 for a caramel apple at this candy store. $6! never again.

gwenbirthday 027
trying to find some gabba at the hotel

gwenbirthday 003

gwenbirthday 002
this pirate was fascinating and scary to henry. as long as it didn't talk he was into it.

gwenbirthday 010
peekaboo here....

gwenbirthday 015
peekaboo there.

All day Henry was "hiding" and waiting for us to say "Henrrrry, where are youuuu?" He figured out how to close himself in the closet at the hotel and kept running out, screaming and laughing.

gwenbirthday 012

gwenbirthday 033
We just napped him when we could, wherever we could. Here he is sleeping on a restaurant seat!

gwenbirthday 004

gwenbirthday 034
birthday dinner

gwenbirthday 026
public meltdown (one of many)

gwenbirthday 037
oh wait....did a dog just walk by?

gwenbirthday 042

gwenbirthday 046

gwenbirthday 050
cold war kids show at the park

Watching my boys play airplane at dusk and dance to the band caught my emotions off guard and made me all teary. I am so incredibly lucky to have these two and watching Henry grow into a smart and funny little boy is the best present I could ever ask for.

gwenbirthday 051
and sweet birthday kisses for mommy!
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